Here at RV Buddy Share we are a family owned company that you can trust to make sure every consignment RV on our lot is held to a high standard of cleanliness and a full multi point maintenance standard. We accept RVs 2017 and newer to allow customers to try like new RVs and not so new prices!

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DaGame Changer
DaGame Changer
The RV was great and Ashley was amazing. Very friendly and helpful. This was our 2nd time renting an RV and the process was smooth and painless. Ashley was great with the plethora of questions I had. Would definitely rent from them again.
Rocky Yuan
Rocky Yuan
Owner was super friendly and prices are reasonable. We had a great rv trip!
kartheek kumar
kartheek kumar
I was renting the RV for first time. It was my parents anniversary so I thought renting an RV would be ideal for a short vacation trip. As expected, I had many questions, doubts about everything regarding RV. Fahed and Ashley was very cooperative. They both answered every silly question I had with patience and made me feel very comfortable. I stopped by the office and only after talking to them i got that confidence that i could pull something like this off (especially with so many unknowns in the trip). I have decided to rent the Class A Coachmen Pursuit RV. However, we had a little issue with insurance coverage on the pick up day. We got late for the pick-up and couldnt make last minute changes in insurance coverage. Ashley went way out of her comfort zone and got the insurance coverages changed to what we need. We were stressing a little then about lack of damage protection insurance coverage, but then she calmed our nerves. Fahed gave us a detailed walkthrough of the RV and answered every single question i had and assured me that he would be available 24 X 7 for any help i would need. Though it seems small, but it is just that words of assurance from ashley and fahed gave us a lot of confidence. Fahed also gave us a nice driving lesson. He took us on a short trip and sat down next to me while i driving, guiding through the things we have to check while driving a big RV. I did text him during our trip about propane gas tank and other things about the RV. He is just a text away for any question you have. On a lighter note, he responds to you so quickly as if he was waiting for your text all along :). Overall, i'm not sure when i would rent an RV next but i know for sure i would choose RV Buddy Share/Fahed Ashely for my future trip.
Drew H
Drew H
We had a great experience renting from RV Buddy Share. Ashley and her team stepped up when another company canceled our reservation a week before our departure date during the busy spring break time period. The RV was clean and comfortable, Ashley answered all of our questions promptly and completely, and even gave us a nice credit when they were a few minutes late in having the RV ready for pickup. We will definitely rent from them again.
Karla Lawson
Karla Lawson
We were first-time RVers and ended up with RV Buddy share by accident (so glad we did) when there was an unexpected mishap with our original RV rental at another company. The RV Buddy team was prompt, efficient, nice, and understanding of new RVers (and our million questions). During our trip there were of course some nuances with the RV that we didn't know how to handle. I reached out to the RV Buddy team and they quickly responded and pulled in their maintenance team in to help with more complicated questions. Their responsiveness enabled us to continue our trip uninterrupted. "Reach out with any question" is normally just a saying, but in this case the RV Buddy team (Ashley and Fahadh especially) was honestly welcoming any question Great experience, we're already planning our next trip/adventure with RV Buddy.
fahed ahmed
fahed ahmed
First time RVing and RV Buddy share made the whole process easy and seamless, made everything easy to understand. They provide completely contactless pickups, and virtual walk through videos that show you how to work everything inside and outside of the RV. They offer a lot of add on packages for the rv rental and the convenience package and campsite delivery was a great option for my family and I. Good selection of RVs to choose from. Will be back for our end of summer getaway!


Start making money today off your RV! Unlike outdoorsy and other platforms where you have to do all the work, here at RV Buddy Share we take care everything for you!

We provide:

Exterior wash

Inside full detail / Sanitizing

Oil changes, Air filters

Tire Rotation, Alignments,

Any and all repairs at our facility

Storage of your RV at our location as well!