Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rent an RV?

You can do a quote online and we will get review the quote and approve it for reservation or you can call us at 703-568-7940/ email us at [email protected]

What constitutes a “Rental Day”?

We rent per day. Example: (Pick Up on Monday and return on Thursday would be considered as 4 days). You can pickup as early as 9 AM and you until 5 PM to drop it off.

Are pets allowed?

In certain motorhome pets are allowed in the motorhome you are renting, we will need to know they type of pet before final approval. There is also a non-refundable pet fee to cover the cost of extra cleaning and wear on the motorhome. The cost is $99 for cleaning and $10 day rental per pet.

Is there campground you would recommend that is close to your rental location?

We would suggest Bull Run Park, Lake Fairfax, Shanedah National Park

Where do I find out about motorhome rental rates?

Visit our website for the daily rate of motorhome. These are the standard charges. 50 miles per day and 3 hours of generator per day. We offer prepaid miles for .29 cent per mile . Generator is $4.00 per hour after the allotted amount is consumed.

Do I need a special license to rent and/or drive an motorhome rental?

In order to rent and/or drive motorhome rentals, one must be 25 years of age or older and possess a valid driver’s license from their State of residence. No special class or permit is required.

Do you deliver motorhome or camper to your customers’ preferred location?

We do offer delivery options. Please contact us with your specific delivery needs.

What are the pick up and drop off times?

Motorhomes are due in by 3:00PM in order for us to prep them for departure 9AM next morning. If your motorhome is available and ready for pick up, we will get you out as soon as possible. Exact pick up times are set within 7 days of your pick up date. During the summer months motorhomes must be returned no later than 3:00PM. A late fee of $50 per hour is assessed for units returning late.(Pick up and drop off times are based on availability and are more flexible during the off-season.)

What is your cancellation policy?

A rental deposit on the RV is due at the time of booking. This ensures that you receive the RV of your choice for the dates you request. If you decide to cancel your booking after you have paid the rental deposit, the rental deposit can be applied to a future booking (to be taken within one year of the previous booking). The rental deposit is non-refundable if you decide not to re-book.

What is the ampage needed to hook up the motorhome?

Class C needs 30 Amp connection. Class A needs 50 Amps connection. We provide you with adaptors if you need it.

Does the motorhome have on board Generators?

Motorhomes come with a generator so you can camp anywhere you want, with or without hook-ups. Generators are only needed when the motorhome is not plugged into shore power. The only items that require AC power is the overhead air conditioner, microwave, TV/DVD player and any item you would plug into an AC wall outlet. Three free hour of generator is included for each day of your rental. Additional hours are charged at $5.00 per hour.

Do your travel trailers have on board Generators?

No our travel trailers do not come with on board generators, we do however rent stand alone generators if one is needed.

What is the generator used for?

If you do not have electrical hook up where you are staying you would need the generator to run the following: AC Unit, Electrical Outlets, TV’s, Microwave, Hot Water Heater

What is a security deposit?

The security deposit is required at the time of the reservation and is used to cover any additional expenses over the estimated trip costs. This deposit is used to cover such costs as additional miles, refueling and damage. The amount of the deposit will vary depending on the motorhome you select. The security deposit is an authorization on a credit card. This does charge the card and will show up on your statement.

When do I expect to get my security deposit back?

Security deposit is refunded with 3-5 business days after the motorhome is checked and if there are no additional charges or damages.

Is smoking allowed in the motorhome?

Smoking is NOT allowed in our rental units. A minimum $500.00 deodorizing fee WILL be charged for odor caused by smoking

What is a difference between a Class A and Class C motorhome?

Class C motorhomes have a truck chassis on the front as well as a cabover bed. This class is the most economical and also has a greater variety of floorplans to fit your needs. Class A motorhomes are bus-style and have a flat front with a large windshield. They are built with higher ceilings providing a more luxurious ambiance. They also include larger tanks and most Class A RV’s have hydraulic leveling systems.

What happens if the motorhome breakdowns while I am on vacation?

B & W RV Rentals stands by the road-worthiness of the vehicle you are renting.  In the unlikely event of a mishap, we are available 24 hours a day to assist you to getting back on the road.  We cannot guarantee a breakdown free trip, but we will do our best to get you back on the road in a timely manner.

What other charges should I expect?

At B& W RV Rentals we wants you to be aware of all charges and fees ahead of time so you have no surprises.  Some of the other motorhome rental charges to consider are kitchen kits, linen kits, generator charges, delivery charges, insurance, etc.  You can buy convenience package for $99 and that included dumping of your grey / black tank and also you don’t have to fill the propane up and we will fill it up for you. If the gas tank is not brought back the same level it went out with there is fill $25 service fee plus cost to fill up the tank.

How do you hook the motorhome up at the campsite?

You will receive a full orientation of the Motorhome at the time of pick up, including DVD / manual for hookup instructions. Connecting the motorhome to electricity, water, and sewer does not require technical expertise.

What kind of gas mileage should I expect from the motorhome?

Gas mileage varies depending on the type of motorhome rented and the travel conditions.  Class B motorhome do between 12-15 miles per gallon. Small (25-28ft) Class C motorhome do between 9-12 miles per gallon. Big (29-33ft) Class C and Class A motorhome do between 7-9 miles per gallon. Diesel motorhome do between 15-17 miles per gallon.

What are kits?

Housekeeping/Linen kits typically include sheets, towels, blankets, and pillows

Do we deliver?

Yes we deliver anywhere in USA. Delivery fee varies depending on the location.

Do we offer one-way rental?

Yes you can rent one way but special rates and pickup fee applies.

What is house battery used for?

House battery is mostly used to power some of the lights in and outside of the motorhome along with the awning. House battery is charged when the motorhome is running.

Does the motorhome come equipped with GPS?

Our motorhome’s don’t have inbuilt GPS system but you can rent one from our location.

Does motorhome come equipped with a TV?

All our motorhomes have at least one TV. Big Class C and Class A motorhomes have at least three TV’s.

Is it possible to Travel in the winter in the colder areas?

Yes, however in locations with harsh winter weather, our motorhomes are “winterized” from approximately mid-October to late March. This means we have completely drained the water and holding tanks. This will prevent the tanks and pipes from freezing and bursting. If you chose to have your rental motorhome “de-winterized” (so that you can use your sink, shower, and toilet) it may cost up to $100. You will need to exercise extreme care while traveling in a “de-winterized” motorhome during frigid weather. You will need to run the heater at all times to protect the tanks and pipes from freeze damage, or in extreme cases you would need to put RV Anti-Freeze in the water and holding tanks (by doing so, you may not use any water systems). If the pipes or tanks were damaged from freezing, it is considered negligent damage and you will be responsible for the full cost of all repairs.