RV Rentals

Things To Know Before You Book

Start Making Money Today With RV Buddy Share

Do you own a 2017+ RV? Apply today to join our rental fleet and start making money!

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RV Buddy Share takes care of all the maintenance / Cleaning / Refills / Dumping

You own it – We Share it!

Training Videos

We offer a full virtual walk through and training videos for every aspect of the RV

24/7 Roadside Support

Direct contact through out your journey

for any assistance needed 24/7

Generator Use

4 Hours of Free Generator use Per Day Additional use $5.00 Per hour

50 Miles Free Per/ Day

Any Additional Mileage is $0.35 per mile

COVID-19 Precautions

Full RV sanitation with above standard rates of Ethyl Alcohol content to ensure safety and well-being of renters

ADD-ON Items

Bike Rack, Linen Kits, Convince Packages

Etc. are available on or after reservation